Welcome to the world of SKMC Global where we have been redefining the nature of financial consulting services to companies across the globe.

With a dedicated team of chartered accountants, lawyers and other professionals, SKMC Global have been successful in providing innovative solutions and excellent quality support to the corporates and multinationals for all the compliances applicable in India.

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At SKMC, one of the standout strengths has been the extensive network of firms spanning across India.

This network enables the firm to provide immediate support to multinational corporations and businesses operating across the globe regardless of your location. The seasoned professionals leading SKMC Global boasts an impressive track record of helping organizations optimize their financial structures, both within India and on the global stage.

We have been providing all the tax, assurance and all transaction support services to multinational corporates in and outside India with unwavering commitment to the quality of services to be provide to our clients. We have our own defined processes to execute the tasks to provide you a world class experience during the delivery of our services to you.

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